My 1953 Chevrolet Step Side truck.

3rd March 2016, the truck arrives on the back of a flat bed.

​I First found this truck on Ebay under the classified section of classic cars, after a few emails I drove the 200 miles to Clacton on Sea to veiw the truck, we took it on a test drive and had a good look over it, There were a few faults with the truck, but soon after that I gave the owner a deposit to hold it for a while till I sort things out my end. A week later and I had made room for it in my workshop, I did not fancy driving the truck 200 miles back so the owner arranged a flat bed truck to bring it up to me at a cost of £250.

The Chevy arrived in Lye on the 3rd March with no problems at all, the driver told me it tipped the scales at 1 1/2 ton's. After unloading the Chevy I did manage to squeeze it into my work shop, at 16ft long and 75" wide it was a bit tight ! 

​The Chevy has a 350ci (5.7 litre) V8 fitted running through a 3-speed automatic gearbox, it has power steering and left hand drive. I haven't that much history on this truck other than it came over from Texas in  America sometime in 1999 to Denmark where it was totaly restored, I assume it did the shows out there, but in 2015 Garry Overton bought the truck and had it shipped over to Clacton -On-Sea, England. Garry used just on local runs around home before selling it to me in March 2016.

The truck is also MOT and TAX exempt. And it goes like the clappers !


​There are quite a few jobs that need doing on the truck, I've decided hold back on because I have so much work to do on the Comp Altered Dragster, so i'm leaving the paintwork for now on the truck, in time it will need a re-spray all over after doing some bodywork jobs on it first, My main conceren is to get the wiring sorted out under the dashboard, Some of the gauges don't work which I need working especially the fuel gauge !

I have phoned up my auto electrition Hank Redfern to take a look at the wiring which he's intending to start on next week for me.
So, For now I've decieded to give the bodywork a good "T" Cut back and pollish up, plus polishing the chrome work as well. There are some squeek's and rattles to deal with as well under the truck. The truck is still usable, I'm tring to drive it around to get ued to the L/H Drive position.


After a good clean up I took the Chevy truck to it's first show at Blowersgreen Pumphouse in Dudley for a Coffee Morning for the Green Team. (Friday 11th March)

​15th March. Hank Redfern come's into work to sort out the wiring in the Chevy Truck, Fuel Gauge, Temp Gauge, Panel lights, Radio, Interier Light, all not working ?

Plus the wiring is in a right mess under the dashbord !
After Hank has spent a couple of hours stripping things down, We find that the fuel gauge itself is burnt out plus the temp gauge has gone the same way, the radio was stripped out and dismantled to find that's faulty as well.
I'm going to the N.S.R.A. Autojumble in Essex on Sunday to see what bit's I can find for this truck, I have a list as long as my arm to get !


First weekend in June I took the Chevy and Porta-Fold caravan to Himley Hall.

I took the Chevy and Portafold to the American show at Long Marston Raceway, a bit of a wet day thou !

Second weekend in July, Stourport Steam Rally.

On our way to Shakespeare Raceway with the race car on tow.

Last weekend in September, Race car and Chevy Truck on show all weekend.

20th November 2016 It's time to start the repairs to the bodywork on the Chevy

In November It was time to make a start on the bodywork. The body was not too bad but it did need some repairs to certain areas before it is re-sprayed. The first major part was on the bulkhead where the air intake apeture had rot around it, after grinding all the old rot out first I made up some new steelwork and welded in place before applying filler and undercoat to finish off, I did find out why it went rotten, the drain tube was totaly blocked up with rust ! After the primer I used a satin black arosol to spray the repaired areas so I could see if the finish looked good enough.

After welding the split o/s front wing at the top of the archway, filling and primering It was time to unbolt and lift off the rear loading area body off the chassis which proved to be a bit stubbon but it did lift off in the end using a block and tackle to do the main lift. This needed to come off to be able to repaint the rear back panel of the cab properly.

December 2016.

Having removed the back off the truck I started stripping the rotten floor out, I thought the wooden planks were good untill i removed them and found the front edges rotten which will need replacing.

I then started rubbing down all the stone chips plus repaing all the little dents in the rear wings and loading bay.

January 2017

10th January. I got the truck out of the workshop, you can't beat daylight to find even more body faults that I've missed in the Workshop. I spent a few weeks doing all these bits. Plus repainted the chassis. On Monday 30th January I drove the truck around to the spray booth to be primered first and then top coated

February 2nd. I went around to the Spray Booth to see how the cab was getting on, Alan had Primered the cab then top coated in Satin Black which looked nice and smooth and a nice finish.

Below, I had a stencil made to go on the two doors this was something I copied off the internet then blowen up to the correct size to suit the door.

February Monday 6th. I collected the truck from the Spray Booth, since the Route 66 sign was sprayed on the doors the rest of the cab had a coat of satin lacquer sprayed all over to seal it up. on the same day I took all the other parts around to be sprayed up as well, tis give's me chance to start fitting up the chromework on the cab now.

Easter 2017, I WON "BEST AMERCICAN VEHICLE" At Weston Park in Staffordshire