JUNE ONWARDS........................................

11th June. Yanks meeting at Shakespeare County Raceway, Stratford On Avon.

1​1th June. I took my 1953 Chevy to the Yanks Meeting at Shakespeare Country Raceway in Stratford on Avon. This is a car show for Arerican Cars plus, if you want you can run your car down the Drag Strip at a cost of £25 per day. Weather was mixed, overcast and windy with light rain showers which delayed things somwhat

I did three runs during the afternoon (between rain showers) I could hardly get any traction, the truch was too light on the rear end.
I only managed to get a best time of 21 secconds @ 88 mph ! It should be a lot better than that, If the truck  would hook up it should run around 14 seconds @ around 95 mph over the 1/4 mile course.


Thursday 16th June 7pm. The canal flooded during a big thunder storm !

​16th June. We had a week of heavy rain storms, but on Thursday @ 6pm we had a very big thunderstrorm and rain came down like stair rods ! The lock next to the cottage where I live is allways vunrible in flood so I did raie the bottom gate paddles as so to use my lock as a drain to funell the water out into the lower basin.

So, with that I thought things would be okay until a bit later I noticed that we were getting flooded out around the back of the Cottage !
It was the sewer pump that had jammed and stopped working,  I was up to my ankles in sewage !!!
As luck would have it I do have some electric pumps handy, so after putting the pumps in the tank I emptied it all over my allotment out of the way, whilst this was going on, Canal water was coming in under the front door of the cottage and into the kitchen area over the quarry tiled floor, I quickly put my flood defence plate in font of the door to slow down the water, whilst mopping out the kitchen floor
I went down to the lower basin to Blowersgreen Lock, I was amazed to see all that in flood as well, In 25 years of living here I've never seen that Basin over the towpath, even the Pumphouse got flooded out !


25th June. Race Car finished and on the trailer..... On my way to Shakespeare County Raceway in Stratford on Avon.

The race car passed Scruternering okay in the pits.

In the Fire up Road, Getting ready to do my first run.

Just stageing the car on the Start line (It was June 1982 since I took a race car up this drag strip in the left hand lane 34 years ago.)

Just coming off the Start line, doing a solo run, checking the car out, I took it very steady making sure it went in a straight line, got all it's gears and stopped. I recorded a 1/4 mile time of 22 seconds @ 68 mph......slow and steady !

2ND July Dreamcatcher in Stourbridge Dry Dock for repairs

​2nd July. 8 Volunteers arrived to help with the stripping down of Dreamcatcher (70ft Tripboat) After Mat Cooper had fitted a new engine & Gearbox The tripboat was bought down from the Portal down 28 locks from Tipton the weekend before. Today we are stripping the 12 large windows out the boat plus removal of the floor and the removel of around 3 tons of brick balast, I  removed the rudder then the prop-shaft, all this has to be done for the MCA to examin these items for wear including the hull inside and out. 4th July, Dave Perks start rubbing down the top cabin of the boat, I also spent the day there stripping the assesorys off the boat to help Dave along.

10th July. Stourport Steam Rally. Nice to see Alan Baker's Fowler Roller out for the first time this year.

​10th July. I took the Chevy truck to the Stourport Steam Rally today after doing some carborator modifications during the week, after partly stripping the 650 CFM Holley carb down to remove the 66 66 jets I replaced them with 64 64 new jets, did some tuneing by setting the float levels and adjusting the air bleed screw's

and fitting some new spark plugs.
Some weeks ago I did a fuel ecomany check on the truck, it was doing 8 mpg (Not Towing anything) After these Modifications to the carb I ran the truck to the steam rally and back towing the caravan and a lot of stop starting type traffic, it worked out at 12 MPG which is a lot better, Hopefully it will do even better on a good long run ?


​14th July.  I bought this caravan chassis which needed  some modifying, After stripping all the woodwork off the base of the trailer, I cleaned up the metalwork and painted it up, then cut up and welded  some angle iron then painted up those, I then bought and cut up some new alloy chechered plate which are forming the runners, drilled and pop rivet those down, made up two alloy ramps, fitted a new trre after checking and cleaning up the brakes and bearings, fitted and welded on two rear legs , jockey wheel and fitted a winch, it's a nice light trailer for the race car.

15th July Completed new trailer.

Celibrating 50 years at Santa Pod Raceway (1966 to 2016)

July 16th/17th I went to Santa -Pod- Raceway to watch "Dragstalgia"  Above, 2-Fuel Altereds burning out each having around 8,000 BHP each on Nitro and running 6.50's @ 220 mph was an awsome sight to see !

​16th/17th July. Mick and Myself went to Santa Pod Raceway to see Dragstalgia, this was more a reunion of old race cars and old racing buddys who all got together over 1 weekend, weather was mainly dry but with a strong head wind blowing down the track, Sunday was the hottest day. We arived at the track at 8.45am Saturday Morning and set up the caravan in the camp field next to the pits. Having had a walk around the pits for a while we got into the stands to watch the first round action.  What impressed me more that anything was a little road car that was powered by electric (See photo on right) the little car ran 9.86 @121MPH !!!! which made it the fastest electric powered street car ever !!!

A front engine Dragster doing a flame burnout, there is a driver in there somewhere !

​One of the many highlights on the track was 2 restored front engine dragsters in the left lane was Ken Cooper's Flathead car, in the right lane is Harold Bull's Stripduster, These car have been recently restored back to how they raced in 1966......On The Easter Bank Holiday Monday these were the 2 first cars ever to go down the Santa Pod Raceway track (Formally known as Podington Airfield) Well SPR Found Ken Cooper who is now 79 years old and Harold Bull who is now 91 ! Their sons were due to run these 2 cars down the track as a demontration run for the fans, but Harold And Ken said they wanted to drive their own cars down the track ! So after sorting out their firesuits and crash helmets they got into their cars (They had to lift Harold out of his wheelchair to get him in his race car)

Then before they fired up the two cars the anoucer said "We just want you both to go slowly down the track around 30 mph will do for a demo run"

The both staged the cars and slowly pulled away from the start line, then started winding them both up to 130 mph !!!!! Well there was a 30 there somewhere ! 

Mr Norm's twin engined Methanol fuel dragster ran in the 7 second zone, It would have gone faster but Norm was having to come off the throttle due to tire shake and blured vision !

29th July, Welland Steam Rally, good weather for a change.

​29th July. I took the Chevy Truck to the Welland Steam Rally, I left home at 8am, going down the M5 Motorway (Not Towing) After doing a jet change a few weeks ago I was keen to see what fuel economy i was getting, having previously doing 8 MPG I went down a jet size, the Chevy did 15 MPG Which is a vast improvement The Weather at Welland was a lot better this year, last year it hammered it down during the Friday, nice on Saturday and chucked it down on the Sunday so much they had to cancel the event at 11am !!!

This year was a lot better with a cool 23 deg c heat and overcast, but dry. Over 50 steam engines were on show during the wekend, when I arrived at just after 9am I had a devel of a job to find somewhere to put the truck amonge the 200 plus commercial vehicles that was parked up. For the fist time I got to have a ride on the Welland Steam Railway, this year the train was changed to a working crane engine See photo below




29th July Welland. The crane on the Steam Loco.

5th August. Race car and truck on show at Blowersgreen Pumphouse.

​Friday 5th August. I took the Race Car and Chevy Truck to Blowersgreen Pumphouse in Peartree Lane, Dudley. This was for the Green Team's Coffee morning between 11am and 2pm. Weather was hot and nice all day, around 200 people turned up including the Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley, Our boat Sagitta was moored up and on show taking on visitors, later on I jacked up the back of the race car and fired it up for a few minuits much to the delight of a crowd that had gathered around. By 3pm I had taken everthing back to the workshop.

A crowd gathered whilst I started the race car chevy engine.

Sunday 7th August. I took the Chevy to Trimpley Vintage show.

​Sunday 7th August. I took the Chevy Truck and Race Car to the Trimpley Vintage show, I decided not to unload the car as the ground there is very rough. The weather was dry and warm, but windy. A good crowd gathered around the race car all day, I took the car into the Arena to talk to people about the race car then I started it up for them. There were a few thousand visitors that tuned upfor the day, I saw an old school mate of mine who I had not clapped my eyes on for around 45 years, his name was Richard Chance.

August 7th/8th The Supercars go to the Black Country Living Museum

Over the weekend of 7th & 8th August I took the two Supercar Speedway cars to the BCLM. I was based at Brooms Garage which is a good place to keep the two cars over the Saturday Night. After unloading the visitors came in at 10am as they walk passed the Fairground I'm the first port of call where the kid's queue up to have their photos taken in the cars, then later I warm the cars up to give them a run around the Village, we ran the cars up to 9 pm that Saturday night till it was going dark, then on the Sunday I ran the cars around the site most of the day till we loaded up at 4pm and returned the cars back to my workshop later.