June 15th /16th I set off to Evsham on it's 2nd test run towing the Portafold Caravan.

The Ambulance on show at "Wartime in the Vale" weekend.

A few days before this weekend I did some road tests.

I was on my way to Stourbridge when the Ambulance broke down ?

It felt like it ran out of fuel ??

But knowing that I put a full tank in the other day, well I knew it was not that ? It tuned out to be a fuel Blockage in  the feed pipe of Silicon Sealer ???? Yes it was enough to stop the engine running ? So after getting that out I bled the petrol through and got going again. the following day I removed the fuel tank out of the vehicle only to find MORE Gob's of silicon sealer in the bottom of the fuel tank ? Yep, it was ALL MY FAULT ! When I put the new tank unit in the fuel tank back in Feb, to be sure I put some silicon sealer around the old gasket !!! It must have fellinto the bottom of the fuel tank and got sucked up the 1/4" feed pipe !  I then cleaned it all out, fitted a gorze on the end of the fuel pipe, fitted a new in line fuel filter.........the Ambulance went to Evesham and back with NO issues.

The star of this show was Guy Martin's WW1 Replica Tank he had built.

A few hundered Millitry Vehicles were on show including re-enactors. Weather was dry but cool   all weekend. I was the only person with a Packard Ambulance on show which was very well accepted as nobody had seen one before.

We had a fly past by a "Dakota" The Spitfire ran it's engine up twice a day. 

June 23rd. I took the Morris Truck to the BCLM for a photo shoot. I spent all day in different locations around the  site, the weather was dry and sunny all day.


We had lots of Re-Enactors turn up to pose with the truck and other things around the Museum.

June 31st. Bridgenorth Seven Valley Railway 1940's event.