My Portafold Classic Caravan. Built in 1961.

I Bought this classic caravan back in 2004 off Phil and Gwen from Oldbury. I first met them at West Park Steam rally, Wolverhampton in June of that year.

I had been looking for a Classic Caravan for some time for me to tow behind the Morris but I decieded that they were all to big and heavy, plus storge would have been a problem. So I gave up with that Idea, until this little gem turned up out of the blue !

When I first saw it arrive on the back of the white Ford Consul I did think at the time it was a camping trailer  (like most people) But when Phil erected the caravan I was amazed at what it was, I could not resist it I had to buy it, A few months later I did the deal and bought the Portafold.

Re painting inside the roof Brilliant White & painted the inside walls white, re-covered the cushions, stripped and checked over the brakes & bearings, I had to extend the towing "A" bar

The Portafold was built in 1961 by a company called "Plastics Ltd" of Farham, Hampshire.

It's all made of fiberglass (If it was dropped in the canal it would float away !) The wheels and tyres plus brakes are all Mini plus the rear lights and door hinges are off a Mini Van.

If you look on the roof you will see two fins, aparantly these were moulded off a Triumph Herald. So you see the caravan is put together with different parts of cars.

The Caravan has a total gross weight of 7 CWT which can be towed by a car with a small engine as low as 850 cc.

Towing this caravan with my Morris with a 2.2 LTR engine is a piece of cake, It doesn't even hurt the fuel compsumption.

Arriving at an event

First of all disconnect the caravan from the truck, site the caravan and screw the legs down first.

Unstrap the roof, then lift the rear of the roof up.

Lift the rear section and clip onto the roof section.

Then go around to the front, lift the roof, then connet the front panal to the roof.

After the front and rear panals are up, walk to the one side and lift up the side section, then connet to the roof.

Go around to the other side and do the same....tie the roof to the sides using the straps....This stops the wind blowing the roof off.

Once the 4 sides are up, turn the clips to fasten the inside up. This operation takes around 5 minutes to do. The sink and table is stored in the foot well of the caravan.

It takes longer to fit the caravan out than to erect it. On sunny days the table can be bolted on the side of the caravan for meals.(that was my invention)

View of the rear of the caravan.

All the Interior is put together. This caravan is desingned to sleep 5. The sink should be the bunk bed !