This was our official poster/flyer for the event which John Hadley designed, digiprint from Narrowboat way printing for us.

This was the nice brass plaque we all had to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dudley Canal Trust opening the Dudley Tunnel. Again, designed by John Hadley, casted by Madley Brass of Telford.

And this is the mug we had on sale (and still do @ £4.50p each) our limited eddition special 50th anniversary mugs. Again designed by John Hadley.

This was the nice lemon sponge cake that Mary Wild baked for Dudley Canal Trust so that the Mayor of Dudley could cut later on Sunday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dudley Canal Trust.

This was the other cake that Mary Wilde made to celebrate "Bittell & Pacific's" 80th Birthdays. This was also made of sponge.

This was the large wooden Birthday card I made for Bittell. I made one for Pacific as well.

These notice's were on the southern portal of Dudley Tunnel. The top one is the origianal wooden notice that was fitted up in 1962/3. the bottom one is what Dudley Canal Trust did about it.

This is the man that made it all happen who unfortuatly died of Cancer just before this event was to take place. We at DCT want to dedicate this Festival to Vic.

Legging 20 ton's of Coal through Dudley Tunnel. Photo by Martin Attewell.

Another photo of the legging boat this time in Black & White taken by Ann Johnson. Dudley Tunnel is around 2-miles long and would normaly take around 4 hours to leg a boat through.

Tues 23rd Sept, getting ready for the Festiival, this year we have Ma' Pardoes beer with a special beer "LEGGERS ALE" made for the 50th annivesary. The Beer is deliverd !

Our 20ft long Banner which the "Dudley Cave Rescue Team" put up for us on the 50ft high Railway Viaduct over looking the Showground.

Photo by Martin Attewell taken on Saturday 27th at around midday. A nice busy scene. over 72 boats were booked in with around 25 working boats as well.

A nice photo taken by Martin Attewell looking the other way of our tripboat "Electra" taking people on a trip into Dudley Tunnel

Another view of the showground taken first thing Sunday morning about 10.30am. off the Grazebrook bridge.

The horse "Caroline" Left to right Holly/Jane and Edward bring the rear up !

The long tow line is attached to the stern of the boat, then the rope goes around the pulley, the horse walks forward as the boat goes forward into the basin.

Tugs stack into the Pensnett Arm..............

Historic Working Boats moored in the Pensnett Arm............

Steve Harbach standing in front of his 1923 Foden Steam Waggon which he drove to the event at 12 mph ! (Black Country Live Steamers)

Jack Daniel's on his 4" model steam "Foster" Engine. (Black Country Live Steamers)

Lee on his 4" Burrell model Showmans Steam Engine. (Black Country Live Steamers)

We had a total of Five Minuture Working Model Steam Traction Engines running around the site from the Black Country Live Steamers.   (Only four shown in this photo)

Frank Kenneday shows a member of public how his 4" traction engine works. (Black Country Live Steamers).

Two steam men talking.....Russell Cook's 1916 Burrell Steam Showmans Engine (Ex-Pat Collins) Was in steam all weekend.

Glyn and Roger Leg the 70ft Butty "Ilford" loaded down with 20 tons of coal out of Dudley Tunnel.

Roger and Glyn have a rest from Legging the butty Ilford through Dudley Tunnel with the "West Midland Fellowship Band" Playing a Welcome FAN-FAIR..........

Ilford cleared the gauge well with it's 20 tons of loose coal on board. each lage lump of coal weighed in at 1-CWT (112 LBS )

Plenty of onlookers with camera's like what they saw, this photo taken by Steve Bingham from the top of the Tunnel Portal..

Left to right...John Pattle (Pacific) Richard Parry (CEO of Canal & River Trust) Steve Bingham (Bittell) Cutting the bow off the 80th Bittell/Pacific Cake. Ann Johnson Photo.

More Cake cutting....Left Steve Bingham, Mayor of Dudley (Margeret Aston) and Dave Wheeler cut the 50th DCT Aniversary cake in Blowersgreen Pumphouse later on Sunday.

Steve Bingham bought along his 3 vehicles...Left 1960 Morris Commercial, 1932 Ford Model "A" Coal Truck and 1946 Fordson Major Tractor. Over 68 vehicles attended the event during the two days.

Just a few of the Commercials that came to the Parkhead Canal Festival.

Steve's newley restored Thames 15 cwt Van from Quarry Bank.

Classic Cars look over the Showground site...............

A very nice example of a 1960's E-Type Jaguar............

Sandwell Model Boat Club bought 10 working model boats with them, demontrating their boats on the canal. Note the Pacific model and Nanson Models that Martin built from scratch.

The Jam Butty Boat selling home made Jams to the Public, just one of many trade boats we had at the Parkhead Canal Festival.

A novelty trade boat selling homemade ice cream..............

Ground trade stalls.....Bob Hemmiway's Marine selling goods.

Towpath Talk (One of our Sponsors) came along to promote themselves.

A nice selection of Vintage Working Stationary Engines.

Robert Harding with his Replica Stourbridge Lion furnace who was doing Glass Blowing Demonstrations all weekend.

Bernard Hales G.W.R. 65 70ft Working Joey (or Day) Boat.

Saturday night in the beer tent, Dr Busker playing, and his Dorset rats peforming to a packed out audiunce.

Barmy Barry thought it was heleriouse !!!!!!!!!!