................PHOTO'S FROM THE 2013 SEASON................

18th January 2013. Boat's Frozen in the canal at Black Country Living Museum.

March 29th 2013. B.C.L.M.

13th April 2013. B.C.N. Clean up on the Stourbridge Canal.

13th April. B.C.N. Clean up.

13th April. A very good load of Scrap !

13th April. Mick and Richard Price waiting by lock 1 of the Stourbridge Flight, to be unloaded.

April 27th 2013. Bittell brested against Sagitta going down the River Severn

6th May 2013. Opening of the Droitwich Canal Event

12th May 2013. Bittell just coming out of Wast Hill Tunnel, Worcester / Birmingham Canal.

19th May 2013. Bidford - On - Avon Steam Rally. Diesel Roller.

19th May 2013. Bidford - On - Avon Steam Rally.......Fordson Super Major.

25th May 2013. Halfpenny Green Airport.....1940's weekend.

8th May 2013. Astwood Bank Steam Rally.......1948 Dodge Truck.

9th June 2013. Disused diggers at Davies's Yard

9th June 2013. Diamond T Truck at Davies's Yard.

9th June 2013. Cranes at Davies's Yard.

9th June 2013. Load's of Diggers at Davies's Yard.

9th June 2013. Astwood Bank Steam Rally....Morris Commercial 1-ton truck

8th June 2013. Scammell has impressive suspention movement, Astwood Bank Steam Rally.

15th June 2013. Pelsall Canal Rally. Just over 120 boats crammed in to this show.

15th June. Entreprise towing two joey boats out along the canal.

16th June 2013. Kinver Fayre. Two 6" Traction Engines getting steam up just before the parade.

16th June 2013. Ray Hingleys Trucks, Waiting to go on parade, Kinver Fayre.

16th June 2013. Kinver Fayre, Old late 1920's petrol engine scooter.

16th June 2013. The Horse Dray leads the vehicle parade through Kinver High Street.

17th June. Even the Town Cryer came out ! (Martin Attewell photo)

17th June. Ray Hingley driving his own Truck on the Parade

17th June. Keith Turley and Dave bring in their 6" Burrell traction engine. (Martin Attewell photo)

29th June 2013. Braunston Working Boat Gathering. Taken at Sunset, 87 Boats booked in.

30th June. Working Boat "Calisto" Loaded on the parade at Braunston.

30th June. Well over 25 Fellows Morton and Clayton Boats crammed in tight at Braunston Marina.

14th July 2013. Stourport - On - Severn Steam Rally.....Heavy Horse's in the Arena.

14th July. Stourport Steam Rally. A nice E27 Fordson High Major Tractor.

21st July 2013. 1940's weekend at the Black Country Living Museum.

21st July. BCLM 1940's.......Even the Queen Mother made an apperance. (Is that George Roper ?)

21st July. BCLM, 1940's........The Home Guard check point.

21st July. BCLM, 1940's......Asleep on duty !

22nd July. BCLM 1940's........The Warden and the Doctor.

21st July. BCLM, 1940's. .......Victims of the Blitz