Just a few odd photo's around some of the show's I attend.

2008. Parkhead Canal Festival.......Boat's everywhere !

2008. Parkhead Canal Festival. The Admrial Bettey and Penny Warwick's Organ.

"Stour" at Netherton show 2007. Dave Newall (Left) and Stewart Hooper (Right).

2008. Sickle towing two joeys out of the Black Country Living Museum.

2008. Braunston Working boat Gathering. "Raymond"

2008. Welland Steam Rally. 4" Miniture traction engine.

"Admiral Beatty" at Welland Steam Rally 2008.

2008. Wall of Death at Evesham Steam Rally.

2008. D.C.I 150 Celebrations, Prince the horse towing G.W.R 15 Station boat out of the 2 mile long Netherton Tunnel.

2008. D.C.I 150 Celebrations. A posed photo of the Mayor and Mayoress with others on the steam boat President.

2009. Stourbridge Open Weekend. Alan Baker's Roller.

2009.The late Walter Wood on his Fordson Tractor at Bidford on Avon Steam Rally.

2009. Biford on Avon Steam Rally again. Graham Thomas on his Fordson Water Washer.

2010. West Park. Steve and Jack with Lee standing in front of 4" Garratt Traction Engine.

Two loaded Working Boats with 20 tons of coal on each boat at Braunston 2010

2010. Handbury Steam Rally. Dr Busker on his Penny Farthing Bike

2010. Congeston of boats at Parkhead Locks !

2010. Dudley Canal Trust Open Weekend at Blowersgreen Pumphouse.

2011. Halfpennygreen Airport. Ray Horton's 1930's Reo Waggon.

2011. Halfpenny green "Northern Forties" Hermen Goring watches over his troops !

2011. Germans getting ready to do Battle.

The English just sit around and wait !

2011. West Park Steam Road Run. The two 6" models line up and wait for the off !

Len Crane's latest restoration. "ENDURANCE" West Park Steam Rally 2011.

2011. A very packed out Braunston Working Boat Gathering.

2011. A typical scene on the Saturday night around the old fairground at Welland Steam Rally.

Russell Cook's 1920's Ford T Bus

Welland 2011. A nice line up of Steam Traction Engines.

The Working area at Welland. This Foden tipping earth up, ready to be leveled.

A big Caterpiller shoves about 5 ton's of earth !

A bit of Tree felling and transport.

A Bit of Hay Making at Welland Steam Rally 2011.

Then collecting up the hay.

Handbury Steam Rally 2011. Barry Two's 1935 Supercar.

May 7th 2012. Tug Gathering at the BCLM. Russell Cook's 1935 Albion Brewery Truck

May 2012. Tug Gathering at the Black Country Living Museum. (Photo by Malcolm Ranieri)

Then Bob WON best model with his Scammell truck first time out with it !

This photo was taken by the Express and Star on Wednesday 26th September 2012 To advertise the Parkhead Canal Festival in a few day's time.

Halfpenny Green Airport. 2012. This Airplane engine was doing around 20,000 rpm.!

These two model trucks were radio controled at West Park 2012

Russell Cook's little Shell Ford Model "T" Tanker dated around 1920's. (BCLM 2011 Working Boat Gathering)